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Winter is (almost) officially here. The days are short, the skies are gray, and the temps are cool. It’s the time of year to turn our attention to indoor activities that keep us active, both mentally and physically. Here are 5 senior-friendly winter activities that will keep the boredom at bay.


Start an indoor garden


Bring the outdoors in this winter by creating a fun and easy winter garden. You can keep it simple by growing herbs on your window sill or planting winter favorite bulbs like Amaryllis and Paper Whites. You can even replant outdoors when warmer weather returns. 


Try a new craft


Whether it’s a beginner’s sewing pattern or string art, starting a new craft can be a fun adventure to pass the time this winter. Craft projects keep your hands busy and your mind engaged. We recommend asking a friend to join in on the fun, since connection with others boosts the mood and helps the mind stay sharp. 


Start a new exercise routine 


It’s important to stay active in the winter months, so it may be time to try a new at-home exercise routine. Thirty to sixty minutes of daily activity can improve your overall well-being and mobility, and can even improve sleep. Our friends at House Fit have some great at-home routines that you can find HERE


Try a new recipe 


Spend quality time in the kitchen this winter with a new recipe. Ask a friend to join in on the fun so you can enjoy each other’s company and try something new together. Whether it’s simple or a bit more complicated, cooking is a project everyone can enjoy. 


Curl up with a good book


What’s not to love about curling up with a good book this winter? In fact, winter is a great time to explore a new book or even join a book club. A few books we recommend reading are, “How to Say it to Seniors” by David Solie and “The Other Talk” by Tim Prosch. 


Winter doesn’t have to be boring. It’s a great time to learn and try something new. After all, staying in shape physically and mentally really is the best way to pass the time until warmer weather returns.