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Deciding to move into a senior living community is a big decision. Even harder is making the decision for someone else, such as a parent. If you are considering entering an independent or assisted living community, or considering moving your parent into one, read the following interview with a representative from Friendship Village Senior Living for more information.

What Is the Number One Question or Biggest Hurdle/Pain Point You Receive From Clients or Potential Clients?

In my opinion, the biggest hurdle/pain point is sticker shock. When potential residents are presented with the cost of living in one of our communities, the price point can seem high at first.

People have been making their living budgets their whole lives and now a new budget is being presented to them along with numerous life/lifestyle changes. Some people embrace this next phase of their life, while others are hesitant and have perhaps been avoiding a transition to senior living.

Once people see the actual cost value of living at Friendship Village as well as the tremendous quality-of-life benefits, the choice often becomes clear, but sometimes people don’t get past the initial cost estimates.

Are There Any Trends That You Think Are Helpful to Share With the Public That Would Help Them Make Educated Decisions About Their Future?

A few trends which come to mind are:

  1. The current real estate market. Now is an exceptional time to sell a home!
  2. Another trend that seems particularly relevant is that healthcare costs have increased exponentially over the last two decades. Having life care in place would stave off many of those cost increases/instabilities.

Are There Any Myths or Misinformation That Loved Ones or Caregivers Should Be Aware Of Before Making Major Life Changes for Their Loved Ones?

I think the biggest misconception is the difference between senior living communities such as ours and senior living options people had seen in the past.

The senior living segment has changed so much to provide seniors (particularly Baby Boomers) many more options to live in vibrant, attractive, and active communities. These options simply weren’t widely available just a few short years ago.

Are There Any Websites or Publications That You Respect as Credible Sources That You Reference?

We frequently use as a resource. They create interesting, current blog content as well as aggregating articles and data relevant to seniors.

Why Would Someone Hire You?

The Friendship Village communities are at the leading edge of the senior living segment. We hire exceptional people to work here and we have been given high praise by our peers in the industry as well as from our residents.

What Sets You Apart From Other Residences With Similar Offerings?

The two Friendship Village communities have just completed a $201 million expansion. This expansion has created campuses that are more impressive than ever and have expanded amenities for seniors to enjoy as they live a worry-free lifestyle.

Is There Anything Else You Would Like to Share That You Think Would Be Helpful?

We are a Life Care community and sharing the value and security of Life Care is always at the forefront of any discussion we have with potential residents.

Contact Friendship Village Today 

If you are exploring senior living communities for you or your parents, contact Friendship Village today to learn more about what we offer older adults who are seeking independent living situations.