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Better Balance

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If you’ve noticed you aren’t as steady on your feet as you used to be, it’s tempting to think that it’s just a normal part of aging – but it’s not! Join us at this free community talk and learn how you can improve your balance and prevent falls, no matter your age!

During This Workshop, Dr. Beth Templin will share: Why you shouldn’t accept falling as a normal part of aging; The alarming cost of falling and how a prevention mindset is your greatest tool to stay safe; The consequences of not being able to get up from the floor after a fall; How exercise improves balance and can prevent falls! The top 6 balance exercises you can do at home.

Senior Learning Institute® is the learning place for older adults in St. Louis and surrounding areas for unbiased learning opportunities.

These seminars are being moderated by Ted Gottlieb, Certified Senior Advisor®, Certified Downsizing Coach™, and Founder of The Senior Learning Institute® — No sales pitch.

Find ample resources on our website . Questions or need a specific resource? Contact Ted Gottlieb at

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