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Library of Resources for Seniors


Click each title or the (+) icon below to view each section of resources curated for the unique needs and concerns of older adults.

Advocacy is embedded into the mission at Senior Learning Institute®. Senior advocate services provide ways that we are looked after as we grow older. If you are uncertain which nonprofit or group to reach out to, contact Ted Gottlieb at (314) 400-8102 to assist you in finding the best resource for your situation.


Stay In Your Home Longer, Socialization, Resources

Meals on Wheels

Navigating Long Term Care Options

Aging In Place
This video will help you understand what ‘aging in place’ refers to, some options you may need to weigh to make aging in place fit into your lifestyle and budget, and future considerations. Find additional resources at This ‘Ted tip’ is presented by Ted Gottlieb.


Smart Solutions For Making Your Home Comfortable, Safe, And A Great Fit (AARP)

Strategies For Living Longer In Your Home

Smart Home Products For Seniors

Medical Alarms (AARP)

Lighting Tips (AARP)

Aging and Alcohol
Care Manager Support
How to Hire Professional Home Improvement
Elderly Mental Health
Senior Moving Services
Elderly Nutrition
Housing Options for Seniors
Elderly Sleep
Options for Senior Transportation