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It’s no secret that many aspects of life change as we age. Changes in physical and cognitive health may limit a person’s ability to be active, to drive, to manage finances, to take medications properly, or any number of things they could previously do. Often family members or friends are able to step in and help, but there are situations in which this is not possible, such as when there is no family or when family members have their own limitations or live far away.


When an aging individual has no one in their corner, there is much at risk, including their long-term physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and financial health, and well-being. Having an advocate of great importance. There are government-based programs and private entities that can advocate for you when needed, but finding one that fits your needs can be tricky. At the Senior Learning Institute®, we highly recommend our friends at ACM Care


ACM or Autonomous Case Management Care is a not-for-profit organization that specializes in getting seniors the support and advocacy they need. Founded over 20 years ago by a registered nurse who witnessed too many older patients not having the support they need, ACM Care set out on a mission to change aging in place in the St. Louis area. 


What can ACM provide? 


  • Peace of Mind. Having an advocate close by allows both the person in care and the family to have peace of mind. About 15% of caregivers in the United States, are considered “Long-Distance Caregivers, living an hour or more away from the person needing care. An advocate can keep everyone informed, be there in the event of an emergency, and monitor overall safety and care. As the local eyes and ears, the advocate puts everyone’s worries at ease.

  • Improved Care. In addition to being eyes and ears, an advocate can also be the feet and hands. Driving to doctor appointments, grabbing the mail, and running errands seem like small tasks, until you cannot do them on your own. An advocate can lend a hand. An advocate can also provide information to the family on conditions in a facility, communications with other providers, or other areas of concern, ensuring that all are well informed regarding medical decisions. 


  • Better Safety. If and when the time comes that an individual is no longer able to age in place, an advocate can help with gathering the information to make an informed decision. Navigating the healthcare system and finding the right facility is much easier with an advocate who knows fine details of what a person needs and what their resources are.  


If you are looking for a local advocate, ACM Care does FREE in-depth assessments. You can schedule yours HERE or give them a call at 877-323-5916.