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The Truth About Driving After 80

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Remember how liberating it was to get your driver’s license? The open road, windows down and music up loud? Ah, the carefree good old days! Back then, many of us did not appreciate the responsibility that came along with our newfound freedom. As we matured, we better understood the risks. As we’ve aged, we may have seen a decline in our abilities and wonder when it might be time to leave the driving to someone else. Not an easy decision, but one we on day need to be considered (before it’s made for us).

In this seminar, we talk about the challenges associated with driving as we age, as well as strategies for safely remaining behind the wheel.

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These seminars are being moderated by Ted Gottlieb, Certified Senior Advisor®, Certified Downsizing Coach™, and Founder of The Senior Learning Institute® — No sales pitch.

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