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These days, home buying has gone high-tech.

With pandemic fears, and tech-savvy homebuyers, selling homes online has become a necessity for real estate agents in 2020. Fortunately, there are many new tools to help agents make the most of this extraordinary opportunity.

Whether you’re thinking of downsizing or planning to make the move to an independent living or assisted living community, now is a great time for selling your home.

And that means hiring a top-notch real estate agent with the experience and know-how to market your home. So let’s look at six of the best tech tools that savvy real estate agents use for selling homes online.

Video Home Tours

Nothing makes a home sale easier these days than using virtual tours.

This is why video home tours are crucial to selling homes online. With the prevalence of home-selling apps and websites, people have grown accustomed to viewing a home long before they make an appointment with a real estate agent. I’ve been known to say “the first time a buyer comes to see your property is the second time they’ve seen it. Had they not liked how the property looked on line, they likely will not be coming to see it in person”.

Your agent will either film the video tour on their own (it’s amazing how sophisticated smartphone cameras really are), or hire a professional to capture visual appeal of the home.

Digital Floor Plans

Digital floor plans are an excellent way of introducing the layout and features of a home to prospective customers.

By examining the digital floor plans, a buyer can check out a home’s square footage, see whether its layout is a match, and decide if it’s a good fit before making that all-important home purchase.

Aerial Drone Photography

Drones are revolutionizing just about everything these days.

And this is true of the real estate business as well. Advertising with drones is a great solution for selling properties online. The aerial machines are perfect for taking unique photos of your home, and creating more expansive views.

Digital Signing

Signing documents is, of course, a major part of the real estate business.

But especially in these days of the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person signing isn’t always the best option. Being able to sign documents virtually is a must-have tool for any real estate agent, and there are many programs, like DocuSign, that can help.

Virtual Staging

Staging a house is one of the most important aspects of any home sale. Instead of a spare, unfurnished home with blank walls, it creates a more inviting look.

But staging can also be expensive. The beauty of selling homes online is that real estate agents can now use virtual staging, which allows them to dress up that unfurnished home with attractive features and elements, all without the extra cost. There are plenty of apps and software available for virtual staging.

Showing Schedulers

Finally, there are programs that help agents schedule showings with a minimum of effort and red tape. As with everything else, home buying moves at a faster pace these days; online showing schedulers help real estate agents set up a tour and show the home as quickly as possible.

Selling Your Home Online Has Never Been Easier!

When selling your home, these are the tools that a quality real estate agent will use to get the job done. It takes a little effort, but marketing a home online is a fantastic way to attract more prospective buyers.

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