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We don’t need to ask whether we will need help someday; rather, the question is “when will we need help?” As you age, the chance that you’ll require assistance from immediate family members increases greatly. You may think that those close to you can handle your finances and health matters without any worries, but the reality is that you need a legal professional on your side. Connecting with an attorney who specializes in Elder Law before the need arises is the wisest choice. Our friends and Senior Learning Institute® Sponsor, The Estep Law Firm are professionals in the industry and can help you navigate many of the legal hurdles that seniors face. 

Why would you need a legal professional? Many times issues can arise with family or those taking care of your estate. Although these individuals usually have your best interest at heart, the complications of estate planning should be left up to the professionals. Before the time comes, it’s important to have a professional on your side so they can help anticipate and remedy any issues, focusing on the solutions that best fit your needs. The same principle of preparation applies when it comes to finances, wills, and retirement planning. An Elder Law professional can help you have legal arrangements in place well before they are needed, ensuring that you are taken care of and that your family is protected. 

Aside from financial matters, The Estep Law Firm also assists seniors in Medicare, long-term care, Missouri Medicaid, and many other senior care legal aspects. Having a legal professional to help with these complex matters can make the process easy for you and your family. Elder Law professionals often find areas that are overlooked and can ensure that all aspects of your senior life are covered. 

Getting in touch with an Elder Law professional is something to consider as a senior and even before you get into your senior years. The Estep Law Firm has a team of professionals who specialize in Estate Planning and the Elder Law industry; they are available to help you with all of your legal senior needs. Feel free to visit their website HERE or contact them at (636) 233-2017.

You can even see Shawn Estep in person at our Estate and Financial Planning Seminar. Click HERE to register!